44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4)

44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4)
44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4)
44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4)

This title has a release date of December 26, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Debbie Macomber


44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) Release Date

44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) releases December 26, 2023

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44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) Release Date


December 26, 2023

44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) Release Date

44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) released on December 26, 2023.

44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) Synopsis

In Cedar Cove, everyone knows everybody…and their business! But with a little help from the townsfolk, love connections are made.

Olivia Lockhart is back in town after her honeymoon, adjusting to married life and eager to catch up with her friends. Things haven’t been the same in town since a man died at the bed-and-breakfast. The owners, Bob and Peggy Beldon, have no idea why he was in Cedar Cove, or what happened to him…but they’re determined to solve the mystery. And there’s plenty more news: Jon and Maryellen are planning a wedding. Also, Maryellen’s mother, Grace, has more than her share of interested men. The question is: Who is she going to choose? Trouble is just around the corner…

Cedar Cove

Book 2: 204 Rosewood Lane
Book 4: 44 Cranberry Point
Book 5: 50 Harbor Street
Book 6: 6 Rainier Drive
Book 7: 74 Seaside Avenue
Book 8: 8 Sandpiper Way
Book 9: 92 Pacific Boulevard
Book 10: 1022 Evergreen Place
Book 11: 1105 Yakima Street
Book 12: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane

Genre: Romance

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