Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3)

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3)
Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3)
Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3)

This title has a release date of September 5, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Alexis Daria

Publisher: Avon

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) Release Date

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) releases September 5, 2023

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Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) Release Date


September 5, 2023

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) Release Date

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) released on September 5, 2023.

Along Came Amor (Primas of Power #3) Synopsis

From the international bestselling author of You Had Me at Hola and A Lot Like Adiós comes a steamy love story of a divorced schoolteacher who discovers that her perfect no-strings fling is anything but…

No strings

After Ava Rodriguez’s now-ex-husband declares he wants to “follow his dreams”—which no longer include her—she’s left questioning everything she thought she wanted. So when a handsome hotelier flirts with her, Ava vows to stop overthinking and embrace the opportunity for an epic one-night-stand complete with a penthouse suite, rooftop pool, and buckets of champagne.

No feelings

Roman Vasquez’s sole focus is the empire he built from the ground up. He lives and dies by his schedule, but the gorgeous stranger grimacing into her cocktail glass inspires him to change his plans for the evening. At first, it’s easy for Roman to agree to Ava’s rules: no strings, no feelings. But one night isn’t enough, and the more they meet, the more he wants.

No falling in love

Roman is the perfect fling, until Ava sees him at her cousin’s engagement party—as the groom’s best man, no less! Suddenly, maintaining her boundaries becomes a lot more complicated as she tries to hide the truth of their relationship from her family. However, Roman isn’t content being her dirty little secret, and he doesn’t just want more, he wants everything. With her future uncertain and her family pressuring her from all sides, Ava will have to decide if love is worth the risk—again.

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