Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4)

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4)
Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4)
Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4)

This title has a release date of August 9, 2022. See below for more information.

Written by: Katherine Arden

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) Release Date

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) releases August 9, 2022

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Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) Release Date


August 9, 2022

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) Release Date

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) released on August 9, 2022.

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) Synopsis

New York Times bestselling author Katherine Arden thrills once again in the finale to the critically acclaimed, spook-tacular quartet that began with Small Spaces. It’s been three months since Ollie made a daring deal with the smiling man to save those she loved, and then vanished without a trace. The smiling man promised Coco, Brian and Phil, that they’d have a chance to save her, but as time goes by, they begin to worry that the smiling man has lied to them and Ollie is gone forever. But finally, a clue surfaces. A boy who went missing at a nearby traveling carnival appears at the town swimming hole, terrified and rambling. He tells anyone who’ll listen about the mysterious man who took him. How the man agreed to let him go on one condition: that he deliver a message. Play if you dare. Game on! The smiling man has finally made his move. Now it’s Coco, Brian, and Phil’s turn to make theirs. And they know just where to start. The traveling carnival is coming to Evansburg. Meanwhile, Ollie is trapped in the world behind the mist, learning the horrifying secrets of the smiling man’s carnival, trying everything to help her friends find her. Brian, Coco and Phil will risk everything to rescue Ollie—but they all soon realize this game is much more dangerous than the ones before. This time the smiling man is playing for keeps. The summer nights are short, and Ollie, Coco, Brian, and Phil have only until sunrise to beat him once and for all—or it’s game over for everyone.

Katherine Arden

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