Sky’s End (Above The Black #1)

Sky's End (Above The Black #1)
Sky's End (Above The Black #1)
Sky's End (Above The Black #1)

Written by: Marc J Gregson

Publisher: Peachtree Teen

Sky's End (Above The Black #1) Release Date

Sky's End (Above The Black #1) releases January 2, 2024

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Sky's End (Above The Black #1) Release Date


January 2, 2024

Sky's End (Above The Black #1) Release Date

Sky's End (Above The Black #1) is slated to release January 2, 2024.

Sky's End (Above The Black #1) Synopsis

Plummet into a kill-or-be-killed competition where a scrappy underdog hell-bent on revenge must claw his way to the top in this thrilling YA fantasy debut

Exiled to live as a Low, sixteen-year-old Conrad refuses to become heir to his murderous uncle. But Meritocracy is a harsh and unforgiving rule on the floating island of Holmstead, and when his ailing mother is killed by monstrous gorgantauns, Conrad cuts a deal to save the only family he has left. To rescue his sister from his uncle’s clutches, Conrad must enter the Selection of the Twelve Trades.

Hunter, the deadliest of all the Trades, gains a fresh recruit with Conrad. Now he must endure vigorous training, manipulative peers, and the Gauntlet—a brutal final test that yields riches and status to whichever skyship crew kills the most gorgantauns. Forced to serve in the lowest of stations and unseen by all, Conrad overhears whispers of rebellion in the dark. Conrad had never known anything existed below the toxic black clouds of the Skylands . . . until now.

Grab your copy of Book One of the Above the Black trilogy today! This fast-paced series is reminiscent of Attack on Titan and will appeal to fans of Pierce Brown. It’s a great pick for those who love action-adventure.

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