Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1)

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1)
Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1)
Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1)

This title has a release date of January 16, 2024. See below for more information.

Written by: Holly Rose

Publisher: Mystic Owl

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) Release Date

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) releases January 16, 2024

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Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) Release Date


January 16, 2024

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) Release Date

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) released on January 16, 2024.

Until The Stars Fall (Interstellar Witches #1) Synopsis

Falling in love on an interstellar road trip wasn’t part of Gemma’s plans…

Hurtling away from Earth is definitely the worst time to learn that your ship’s being held together with duct tape and spells, but astroengineer Gemma Abadie is a witch with a bigger problem—and no, it’s not the whole-Earth evacuation thing.

It’s the pent-up, hidden magic buzzing through her veins that she believes caused her parents’ death years ago. She’s hidden it from her family ever since, and now she’s hellbent on getting to her shady contact on humanity’s new planet, Gaia, to have her volatile magic removed.

But Gemma didn’t count on steaming up the engine room of the dilapidated space hotel with witchy Beck Breaux, who believes Gemma’s his meant-to-be. He’s hot as hell and her equal in every way, and after he uncovers her magic on their first day in space, he’s determined to help her accept and control it. When a magical accident leaves Beck near death, Gemma faces a reckoning: either stay the course and risk losing him forever, or reconcile with her past to embrace her magic, save Beck’s life, and find her happily ever after.

In a perfect marriage of science and magic, this steamy sci-fi romance uses threads of humor and heart to weave a story of soulmates, found family, and the beauty of forgiveness.

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