When We Become Ours

When We Become Ours
When We Become Ours
When We Become Ours

This title has a release date of October 24, 2023. See below for more information.

Publisher: HarperTeen

When We Become Ours Release Date

When We Become Ours releases October 24, 2023

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When We Become Ours Release Date


October 24, 2023

When We Become Ours Release Date

When We Become Ours released on October 24, 2023.

When We Become Ours Synopsis

Two teens take the stage and find their voice. . .

A girl learns about her heritage and begins to find her community. . .

A sister is haunted by the ghosts of loved ones lost. . .

There is no universal adoption experience, and no two adoptees have the same story. This anthology for teens edited by Shannon Gibney and Nicole Chung contains a wide range of powerful, poignant, and evocative stories in a variety of genres.

These tales from fourteen bestselling, acclaimed, and emerging adoptee authors genuinely and authentically reflect the complexity, breadth, and depth of adoptee experiences.

This groundbreaking collection centers what it’s like growing up as an adoptee. These are stories by adoptees, for adoptees, reclaiming their own narratives.

With stories by:

  • Kelley Baker
  • Nicole Chung
  • Shannon Gibney
  • Mark Oshiro
  • MeMe Collier
  • Susan Harness      
  • Meredith Ireland
  • Mariama J. Lockington
  • Lisa Nopachai
  • Stefany Valentine Ramirez 
  • Matthew Salesses
  • Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom
  • Eric Smith
  • Jenny Heijun Wills
  • Sun Yung Shin
  • Foreword by Rebecca Carroll
  • Afterword by JaeRan Kim, MSW, PhD

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