32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3)

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3)
32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3)
32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3)

This title has a release date of July 21, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Andrew Diamond

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) Release Date

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) releases July 21, 2023

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32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) Release Date


July 21, 2023

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) Release Date

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) released on July 21, 2023.

32 Minutes (Freddy Ferguson #3) Synopsis

A corporate executive vanishes without a trace. His domineering boss wants him back in the office, ASAP.

Did Karl Larsson run off with a mistress? Was he kidnapped? Or had he just walked out once and for all on a life of debt and struggle?

The deeper Freddy Ferguson digs into this one, the less it makes sense. The statements from Larsson’s long-suffering wife, from the stoner security guard who was the last to see the man alive, and from the respected reporter known for having the inside scoop just don’t add up.

Where is the truth in this most perplexing of cases? Maybe in a slip of the tongue by an arrogant man, or in a dopesick junkie’s account of a seemingly random attack. Maybe in the pocket of a man who stalks without fear of being seen, or in the multimillion-dollar transactions of an anonymous shell company.

One thing’s for sure, Freddie needs to crack this case before he becomes its next victim.

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