A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18)

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18)
A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18)
A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18)

This title has a release date of February 20, 2024. See below for more information.

Written by: Ellie Alexander

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) Release Date

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) releases February 20, 2024

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A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) Release Date


February 20, 2024

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) Release Date

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) released on February 20, 2024.

A Smoking Bun (A Bakeshop Mystery #18) Synopsis

Another delicious installment in the Bakeshop Series set in Ashland, OR!

The mountains are calling in Ashland, Oregon, where pastry chef turned amateur sleuth, Jules Capshaw, is baking up a bevy of spiced curry buns and chai cookies for a moonlit snowshoe tour. Ramiro’s family is visiting from Spain and Jules can’t wait to take them up to her beloved Mount A with its charming and rustic lodge, backcountry trails, and star-filled skies that stretch for miles. Their winter wonderland adventure is nothing short of magical and the merry party opts to return to the slope the next day for the Downhill Dummy.

The annual competition is a favorite amongst snow lovers. Contestants strap makeshift dummies to skis and send them hurling down a death-defying ski jump in hopes of catching big air. The team at Torte is in the mix this year with their own replica of a tiered cake and a baker who closely resembles their fearless leader. It’s a fun and festive atmosphere as dummies sail past the crowd to huge cheers and applause. Until one of the dummies takes a deadly detour and lands atop Fitz Baskin.

Fitz is a guide on the mountain and his icy dealings have made for frosty relationships with everyone he encounters. Suddenly there are more suspects than snowdrifts as Jules dives into the investigation. She unearths a web of secrets and motives that threaten to shake the rustic mountain lodge to its core. Can she catch the killer before they strike again, or will the truth be buried forever under fluffy layers of fresh snow?

Ellie Alexander

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