Artful Antics At St Bride’s

Artful Antics At St Bride's
Artful Antics At St Bride's
Artful Antics At St Bride's

This title has a release date of July 29, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Debbie Young

Artful Antics At St Bride's Release Date

Artful Antics At St Bride's releases July 29, 2023

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Artful Antics At St Bride's Release Date


July 29, 2023

Artful Antics At St Bride's Release Date

Artful Antics At St Bride's released on July 29, 2023.

Artful Antics At St Bride's Synopsis

Pre-order the brand new instalment in Debbie Young’s brilliant Gemma Lamb Cozy Mystery series.

When English teacher Gemma Lamb’s school flat is wrecked by storms, maverick headmistress Hairnet insists the girls must fund its repair by setting up their own businesses – the start of a series of hilarious unintended consequences.

Meanwhile Gemma’s worries are compounded by the arrival of bossy new girl Frieda Ehrlich, sponsored by a mysterious local tycoon whose wealth is of dubious origins. Fearful for the school’s reputation, Gemma recruits an old friend to help investigate the tycoon’s credentials, jeopardising her romance with sports teacher Joe Spryke.

What is Frieda hiding? Why is her sponsor living in a derelict manor house? Why is his chauffeur such a crazed driver? And what has become of McPhee, Hairnet’s precious black cat? With a little help from her friends, Gemma is determined to solve these mysteries, restore her flat and save the school.

For anyone who loved St Trinian’s – old or new – or read Malory Towers as a kid. St Brides is the perfect read for you!

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