Before The Storm

Before The Storm

This title has a release date of February 21, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: James D. Shipman

Publisher: Kensington

Before The Storm Release Date

Before The Storm releases February 21, 2023

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Before The Storm Release Date


February 21, 2023

Before The Storm Release Date

Before The Storm released on February 21, 2023.

Before The Storm Synopsis

Inspired by the real-life husband and wife Nazi hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, this thrilling, high-stakes Cold War novel from the bestselling author of Irena’s War follows one couple’s relentless pursuit of a fugitive Nazi scientist in the aftermath of WWII. A must-read for fans of Kate Quinn, Joseph Kanon, Alan Furst, Lara Prescott, and Anika Scott.

Berlin, 1948: World War II may be over, but a new era of conflict has begun. The Russians have cut off all access to the western part of Berlin in an attempt to seize it from the Allies. The thirst for power, dominance, and revenge is as strong as ever, and anti-Semitism is still rampant. When a store in West Berlin is vandalized with Swastikas, Sara Sturm, a German woman working for the US Department of Public Affairs, is dispatched to investigate, and meets Max and Karl Portnoy, two Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.

Sharing their stories of loss, Sara and Max form a bond. Max and his family were sent to a concentration camp during the war, where his parents and sister perished. The man who betrayed them, Nazi nuclear scientist Heinz Hoffman, is now a wanted criminal. Since Max and his brother are among the very few who can identify him, Sara agrees to accompany them to Hoffman’s last known whereabouts, hoping they will finally be able to bring him to justice.

But tracking the elusive Hoffman is not just difficult, it’s perilous. From the mountainous backroads of Bavaria to the Soviet border, Sara and Max race to evade assassins sent by the top-secret Odessa organization. And then there are other adversaries, hidden but no less lethal, determined to gain control of Hoffman and the knowledge he possesses—knowledge that may determine the course of countless wars to come.

“This fast-moving Cold War thriller brings to life the shifting alliances that splintered the Allies in the years immediately following WWII…Shipman juxtaposes a pleasingly multifaceted crew of chasers and chased, including a lethal former SS sniper with a fondness for apple strudel. As readers attempt to sort out motives, the plot twists keep coming…Captures the chaos of the period.” – Booklist

James D. Shipman

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