Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2)

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2)
Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2)
Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2)

This title has a release date of March 7, 2024. See below for more information.

Written by: Devney Perry

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) Release Date

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) releases March 7, 2024

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Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) Release Date


March 7, 2024

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) Release Date

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) released on March 7, 2024.

Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) Synopsis

forbidden, small town, sports romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry.

A coach. A student. The rules were concrete. We broke them anyway.

The night I met Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lie. He was a Treasure State football coach. I was the star of the volleyball team. Coaches and students were forbidden. My future was on the line, so I told myself it was only one night.

That was the first lie. They got easier to tell after that. The lines blurred. The boundaries shifted. Our relationship became a game of its own.

A chaste smile. A knowing glance. A veiled touch or a hushed kiss. We hid in plain sight. We were invincible. Or so we thought. Neither of us saw the blitz coming until it was too late.

Game over. The night I left Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lose.

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