Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1)

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1)
Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1)
Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1)

This title has a release date of May 25, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Lizzie Lane

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) Release Date

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) releases May 25, 2023

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Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) Release Date


May 25, 2023

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) Release Date

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) released on May 25, 2023.

Daughter Of Destiny (Strong Trilogy #1) Synopsis

The first in an explosive series featuring the Strong family and a legacy of lies that leads to passion, love, murder and heartbreak…

Barbados 1818
One fateful night, a terrible tragedy occurs at the Strong family sugar plantation on the paradise island of Barbados. The Strong family quickly move to keep the shocking event a secret. But secrets can’t stay hidden forever…
Twenty-two years later Blanche Strong, the living, breathing proof of that night, is left following her mother’s sudden death. Now, alone in the world Blanche is determined to get answers about her past.
Otis Strong, the second eldest son of the Strong Sugar dynasty arranges for Blanche to travel to Bristol and be installed in the Strong family home at Marstone House, where they can keep her under their watchful eye.
Lulled into a false sense of security and harbouring her own suspicions surrounding her parentage, Blanche dreams that she will be acknowledged as the daughter of one of the three sons.
But her hopes are dashed when on arrival she is treated as nothing more than a servant. Only her friend, Captain Tom Strong, adopted son of Jeb Strong, youngest of the three brothers, shows her any kindness.
Whoever her father is remains a secret. One of many that the Strong family wish to keep to themselves.
Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Fiona Valpy

Previously published as Like an Evening Gone by Jeannie Johnson and Daughter of Destiny by Erica Brown

Don’t miss the rest of the Strong Family Sagas:
1. Daughter of Destiny
2. The Sugar Merchant’s Wife
3. Secrets of the Past

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