Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2)

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2)
Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2)
Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2)

This title has a release date of July 6, 2019. See below for more information.

Written by: Mark S. Bacon

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) Release Date

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) releases July 6, 2019

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Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) Release Date


July 6, 2019

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) Release Date

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) released on July 6, 2019.

Desert Kill Switch (Nostalgia City Mysteries #2) Synopsis

Deadly Vegas Pursuit—with a Twist

A life-and-death chase across the Nevada desert in the middle of summer highlights the action in Desert Kill Switch a complex mystery spread across the southwest.

On an empty desert road, stressed-out ex-cop Lyle Deming finds a bullet-riddled body next to a vintage mint-condition 1970s Pontiac Firebird. When he returns to the scene with sheriff’s deputies: no car, no body. Does the answer lie in Nostalgia City, the retro theme park where Lyle drives a cab?

Nostalgia City VP Kate Sorensen, a former college basketball star, is in Reno, Nevada, on park business when she gets mixed up with a sleazy Las Vegas auto dealer who puts hidden “kill switches” and GPS trackers into the cars he sells to low-income buyers. Miss a payment—sometimes by as little as a few days—and your car is dead. Maybe you are, too.

When 6’-2½” Kate is accused of murder in Reno, Lyle rushes to help his blonde not-quite-girlfriend. Kate and Lyle plow through a deadly tangle of suspects and motives, hitting one dead end after another, as they struggle to exonerate Kate, catch a blackmailer, save a witness’s life, and find the missing car and corpse.

Desert Kill Switch is the second novel in this mystery series set in Nostalgia City, an Arizona theme park that re-creates a small town from the mid-1970s. It’s complete with period cars, clothes, music, hairstyles, shops, fads, food, restaurants, hotels—the works.


“Bacon’s prose is slick, his dialogue taut, and he makes great use of short chapters to tempt the reader to keep turning those pages. His creation of Nostalgia City, a retro theme park in which nothing older than 1975 is allowed, is a stroke of genius!

“The titular ‘kill switch’—a device that stops an engine stone dead if the owner hasn’t kept up with their rental payment—is a new one on me. But it’s a real thing, and pretty horrifying. Google it. It’s as good a plot device as any to fuel this mystery story and Bacon extrapolates brilliantly to expose a whole world of corporate corruption lurking under the metaphorical hood.”

–Mark Campbell, Mystery People (UK)

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