Earthdivers #15

Earthdivers #15
Earthdivers #15
Earthdivers #15

This title has a release date of February 14, 2024. See below for more information.


Earthdivers #15 Release Date

Earthdivers #15 releases February 14, 2024

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Earthdivers #15 Release Date


February 14, 2024

Earthdivers #15 Release Date

Earthdivers #15 released on February 14, 2024.

Earthdivers #15 Synopsis

In 1776, Emily’s mission starts to take shape as she finds an ally in Benjamin Franklin and the two begin working together to eliminate targets. Emily hopes that will be enough to finally change history once and for all in the way intended. However, there are more enemies in 1776 than there are allies, and Emily is about to be sorely reminded of that fact.

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