Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1)

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1)
Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1)
Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1)

This title has a release date of March 26, 2024. See below for more information.

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) Release Date

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) releases March 26, 2024

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Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) Release Date


March 26, 2024

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) Release Date

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) is slated to release March 26, 2024.

Gator Queen (Critters And Criminals #1) Synopsis

Full of laughs, hijinks, and a bit of steamGator Queen is a cozy mystery plus romance fusion perfect for fans of Arsenic and Adobo and To Have and to Heist.

You’re the girl who traps gators?”
Even in the quirky town of Wahoo, Florida, twenty-five-year-old Maggie Andrews is an anomaly—a petite but determined female gator trapper who isn’t afraid to get dirty. But to fulfill her father’s dying wish, Maggie left her job at the Boston Zoo to take over the family business and reunite with her twin sister Vera.

Enter Jack Bianchi—a criminology professor from Miami who is renting a room from the twins. Jack’s smart, good with Maggie’s kitten, and hot as hell. But while Maggie’s debating whether she has time for a steamy fling, Vera’s getting into hot water. When a rival gator trapper turns up dead in a swamp full of bullets from Vera’s stolen gun, she’s the prime suspect.

Maggie and Jack naturally pair up to investigate… And, to keep from arousing the suspicions of Vera’s sketchy boyfriend, pretend to pair up romantically. It turns out that fake dating and finding a killer are more dangerous than trapping an angry twelve-footer, but Maggie isn’t about to let her family’s legacy, Vera’s fledgling romance bookstore, or her situationship with Jack go down without a fight.

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