Ghost Girl, Banana

Ghost Girl, Banana
Ghost Girl, Banana
Ghost Girl, Banana

This title has a release date of May 18, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Wiz Wharton

Ghost Girl, Banana Release Date

Ghost Girl, Banana releases May 18, 2023

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Ghost Girl, Banana Release Date


May 18, 2023

Ghost Girl, Banana Release Date

Ghost Girl, Banana released on May 18, 2023.

Ghost Girl, Banana Synopsis

A powerful debut novel about family secrets and what it costs to belong, for fans of Brit Bennett and Clare Chambers.

‘An astounding debut … written with emotion and astuteness, this deserves to be on book prize lists’ PRIMA

1966: Sook-Yin is exiled from Kowloon to London with orders to restore honour to her family. As she strives to fit into a world that does not understand her, she realizes that survival will mean carving out a destiny of her own.

1997: Sook-Yin’s daughter Lily can barely remember the mother she lost as a small child. But when she is unexpectedly named in the will of a powerful Chinese stranger, she embarks on a secret pilgrimage to Hong Kong to discover the lost side of her identity and claim the reward. But she soon learns that the secrecy around her heritage has deep roots, and good fortune comes at a price.

‘A gripping and evocative tale of family secrets, courage, adversity and love. Sook-Yin and Lily’s stories are beautifully told and truly unforgettable . . . such accomplished storytelling and gorgeous prose. Brilliant’ Emma Stonex

An absolute wrecking ball of a novel. Ghost Girl, Banana is an enchanting, suspenseful journey through family, distance, money and betrayal. I loved it so much’ Erin Kelly

A story of family, love, redemption and belonging, told with such heart and empathy. Essential and utterly unforgettable’ Fíona Scarlett

Ghost Girl, Banana is an epic yet deeply intimate novel. I could feel the vibration of these women existing in the wider world; their stories are so skilfully shot through with the hum of change’ Kate Sawyer, author of Costa prize-shortlisted The Stranding

‘An intriguing, beautifully written study of the stories we inherit. I loved being in Lily and Sook-Yin’s heads, my heart breaking for them . . . I loved it!’ Nikki May

‘Sparkling prose and a page-turning plot combined with wonderful storytelling . . . An absolutely dazzling debut’ Julie Owen Moylan

From the first pages, I was drawn into the worlds of Lily and Sook-Yin and the stories that bind them together across the years. Wiz is a master storyteller, weaving Lily and Sook-Yin’s stories of belonging together with elegance and wit’ Ronali Collings

Fresh, funny, infuriating, heartbreaking – Ghost Girl, Banana is sure to be a massive hit. I adored it’ Emily Koch

‘Captivating characters and lucid prose’ Melissa Fu

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