Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2)

Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2)
Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2)
Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2)

This title has a release date of February 16, 2024. See below for more information.

Written by: Holly Rose


Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) Release Date

Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) releases February 16, 2024

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Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) Release Date


February 16, 2024

Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) Release Date

Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) released on February 16, 2024.

Heart Of The Summer Queen (Winterspell #2) Synopsis

“Last night, I tried to kill my husband.
And I failed.”

The stunning sequel to Bride of the Winter King, this is Beauty and the Beast meets the Snow Queen in an epic enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance.

For three long years, Adara has plotted her revenge against the cruel Winter King who stole her sister. But on their wedding night, the dagger hidden beneath her gown failed to pierce his icy heart. Now trapped as his unwilling queen, the Crystal Palace’s glittering walls have become Adara’s bleak cage.

Realizing neither blade nor poison can slay an immortal like the Winter King, Adara vows to escape. Yet Elaric is there to thwart her every attempt, refusing to release his bloodthirsty bride.

But she soon discovers there’s more to her sister’s mysterious end than she ever imagined. Her relentless pursuit of answers draws them far from the Winter King’s frozen halls and into perilous lands filled with terrifying magic. Ancient secrets and powerful witches weave a treacherous web around the reluctant newlyweds. And despite the bitter chill between them, an undeniable fire smolders.

To unveil her sister’s fate, Adara and Elaric must stand together. But will unraveling the truth reignite extinguished flames? Or will it smother them to ashes?

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