In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2)

In the Case of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2)
In the Case of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2)
In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2)

This title has a release date of July 25, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Courtney Kae

Publisher: Kensington

In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) Release Date

In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) releases July 25, 2023

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In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) Release Date


July 25, 2023

In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) Release Date

In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) released on July 25, 2023.

In The Case Of Heartbreak (Fern Falls #2) Synopsis

With a gorgeous beachfront mansion, salty ocean breeze, steamy nights, and ALL the summertime feels, this funny, sexy queer rom-com is a celebration of summer love, as a cinnamon roll of a pastry chef finds his indie rocker crush suddenly within reach. Perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston, Roan Parrish, Alexandria Bellefleur, Ruby Barrett, and Alexis Hall!

Ben has been baking his mother’s cinnamon rolls at the family café for years. He’s been quietly in love with Adam Reed, his musician-slash-mechanic neighbor, for just as long. But Ben’s done waiting behind the pastry case. Despite his fear of failure, he’s entered a make-or-break competition to build his recipes into a national brand. He’s going to take charge of his business instead of nearly tanking the café—again. And he’s going to finally confess his feelings for Adam. ON LIVE TV.

Except his big plans get punched down before they even half-rise. Soon Ben is dashing down the coast to his grandma’s 80th birthday party on the beach, hiding his broken heart in Maywell Bay, California. Sun, sea, and fresh breezes should blow in something new—except they don’t. They blow in Adam Reed, grinning like a pirate and stealing the show as the musical entertainment hired by Grandma for her big bash. Grandma’s signature Heartbreak Tea is the only remedy, and Grandma’s tea could take the paint off a fence.

But there’s a burn of truth along with the booze in his bottle, and Ben has a decision to make. Can he take the sweetness in front of him, and brave the bitterness that comes after? Or is a little sea salt just what this cinnamon roll needs?

Salty cinnamon rolls? Ew. Ben would never. Book Release Dates

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