Julia And The Shark

Julia and the Shark
Julia and the Shark
Julia And The Shark

This title has a release date of March 28, 2023. See below for more information.

Julia And The Shark Release Date

Julia And The Shark releases March 28, 2023

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Julia And The Shark Release Date


March 28, 2023

Julia And The Shark Release Date

Julia And The Shark released on March 28, 2023.

Julia And The Shark Synopsis

A deeply moving story about one family’s fierce love and resilience, perfect for starting conversations about how it’s okay to not be okay.

Ten-year-old Julia loves the mysteries of the ocean, just like her scientist mother. Her family is spending the summer on a remote island where her mom is searching for the elusive Greenland shark, a creature that might be older than the trees, and so rare that it’s only been seen a few times.

But the ocean is reluctant to give up its secrets, and Julia tries not to worry as her mother returns disappointed at the end of each day.

Determined to prove that the shark is real, Julia sets off on a quest to find it herself, armed with a set of coordinates, a compass, and her trusty rain jacket.

She soon realizes that there are some journeys you shouldn’t go on alone. As Julia comes face to face with the dark and wondrous truths of the sea, she finds the strength to leave the shark in the depths and kick up towards the light.

Through a unique blend of words and art, Julia and the Shark tells an unforgettable story full of dark depths and starry skies, courage and hope.

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