Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9)

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9)
Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9)
Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9)

This title has a release date of November 28, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Grace Burrowes

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) Release Date

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) releases November 28, 2023

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Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) Release Date


November 28, 2023

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) Release Date

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) released on November 28, 2023.

Miss Dramatic (Mischief In Mayfair #9) Synopsis

Don’t be so dramatic!
Gavin DeWitt has given up a career on the stage to take his place among the respectable gentry of Crosspatch Corners. His older sister has married quite well, and now it’s Gavin’s job to ensure he and his younger siblings make an excellent impression on polite society too. He’s handsome, witty, charming–and quietly dying inside–but nonetheless playing the role of country gentleman desperately well.

Will it be kisses… or curtains?
Enter Mrs. Rose Roberts, a widow from Gavin’s theatrical past. She broke his heart when last they parted, but oddly enough, he broke her heart too. Can they piece together what really happened and forge a future together, despite the forces of mischief and mayhem plotting more fiercely than ever to keep them apart?

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