One Month of You

One Month of You

Written by: Suzanne Ewart

One Month of You Release Date

One Month of You releases February 7, 2023

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One Month of You Release Date


February 7, 2023

One Month of You Release Date

One Month of You released on February 7, 2023.

One Month of You Synopsis

A Walk to Remember meets Jojo Moyes in a stunning love story following one woman who has already seen how her story will end and the one man determined to change it…

When Alec asks Jess out, she knows it won’t work. Is Alec charming? Of course. Attractive? Definitely. Can she not stop thinking about him…yes, but that’s also the problem. Because Jess has rules. And the first? Don’t fall in love.

What no one knows is that Jess has inherited Huntington’s disease from the mother that she cares for. And while witnessing her own future play out, Jess has learnt to keep everyone and everything at arm’s length. But Alec is determined to break down those barriers. When she finally tells him why they have no future, he proposes a different option―just one month together.

One month to date. One month to live. One month to fall in love.

But as Jess grows closer to Alec, she knows she has to end it. It’s better that he is hurt now rather than heartbroken later, isn’t it?

An emotionally weighty story of love in all it’s forms, this tender debut is the perfect next read for fans of Jill Santopolo, Tracey Garvis Graves, and Colleen Hoover.

“A poignant book with the most beautiful love story at its heart. It looks at how hard it is to care for someone with a degenerative illness while trying to live your own life. Loved it!” – Caroline Khoury, author of It Must Be Love

Suzanne Ewart

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