Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2)

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2)
Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2)
Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2)

This title has a release date of March 26, 2024. See below for more information.

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) Release Date

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) releases March 26, 2024

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Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) Release Date


March 26, 2024

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) Release Date

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) is slated to release March 26, 2024.

Royal Scandal (Royal Blood #2) Synopsis

The second book in the Royal Blood series about an American girl who threatens the royal family by exposing their darkest scandals—even as they get more sinister.

American girl turned monarchy nightmare, Evan Bright, has gotten used to the press about her but the media attention has only seemed to get worse.

From desperate clickbait articles about her and the President’s son to Royal Record headlines pitting her against Princess Maisie, it seems everyone is dying for Evan to return back to America for good. Meanwhile Evan is receiving mysterious threats about her real story being reveiled in a tell-all biography.

When more information is leaked about Evan, she fears she will always be Britain’s media villain. But the threats escalate when there is an attempted assassination with no suspects…and Evan believes the person is in the palace’s walls.

They say what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger…but what if it’s the royal family who wants you dead?

Genre: Mystery, YA

Aimée Carter

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