Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4)

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4)
Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4)
Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4)

This title has a release date of January 27, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Judith Keim

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) Release Date

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) releases January 27, 2023

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Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) Release Date


January 27, 2023

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) Release Date

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) released on January 27, 2023.

Sandy Wishes (Sanderling Cove Inn Series #4) Synopsis

Sometimes, wishes do come true…
Brooke Weatherby is tired of being the dependable one, the boring one of everyone at Sanderling Cove. She agreed to come to the cove for the summer unaware her two cousins, Charlotte “Charlie” Bradford and Olivia “Livy” Winters, would also be there to help manage The Sanderling Cove Inn while her grandparents take a long road trip in Europe. More than anything, she wishes for independence from her role as a sometime caretaker of her mother, so she’s free to find true love.
Unknown to her and her cousins, the five grandmothers at Sanderling Cove have invited their beloved grandchildren to spend as much time as possible this summer at the cove, hoping that romance might flourish among them.
One grandson, Dylan Hendrix, is a well-known artist who decides to take a break from Santa Fe and experiment with different kinds of paintings inspired by the scenic Gulf Coast of Florida. As he and Brooke get to know each other, he encourages her to discover her own artistic talent. Brooke’s world opens to colors and possibilities she never dreamed of as her life begins to change.
Grandmothers can be very determined when it comes to seeing their grandchildren happy. A family saga full of love. Be sure to read all the books in the series – Waves of Hope, Sandy Wishes, Salty Kisses.
Another of Judith Keim’s series books celebrating love and families, strong women meeting challenges, and clean women’s fiction with a touch of romance—beach reads for all ages with a touch of humor, satisfying twists, and happy endings. Be sure to check out her other delightful books and series that readers adore.

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