Slime Doesn’t Pay! 

Slime Doesn't Pay!
Slime Doesn't Pay!
Slime Doesn't Pay!

This title has a release date of September 26, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: R.L. Stine

Slime Doesn't Pay! Release Date

Slime Doesn't Pay! releases September 26, 2023

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Slime Doesn't Pay! Release Date


September 26, 2023

Slime Doesn't Pay! Release Date

Slime Doesn't Pay! released on September 26, 2023.

Slime Doesn't Pay! Synopsis

Lots of little brothers can be pests and trouble-makers–but Amy’s brother Arnie is a MONSTER …

In this R.L. Stine middle-grade scare fest, Amy and her friend, Lissa, don’t know what to do about Arnie’s bullying, bad-boy behavior, and mean jokes and pranks. The little monster is ruining their lives!

The girls decide it’s payback time. Total humiliation for Arnie. They find a recipe for blue slime on a YouTube channel and mix a big bucket to pour over Arnie at his birthday party.

To their horror, the girls instantly discover that SLIME DOESN’T PAY! Before their eyes, Arnie’s whole body starts to change. The slime turns him into a real monster.

Now Amy and Lissa have two frightening dilemmas: Can they save their town from the raging Arnie Monster? And is there any way to turn the monster back into Arnie?

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