The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3)

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3)
The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3)
The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3)

This title has a release date of August 20, 2024. See below for more information.

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) Release Date

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) releases August 20, 2024

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The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) Release Date


August 20, 2024

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) Release Date

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) is slated to release August 20, 2024.

The Dragon In Winter (Kagen The Damned #3) Synopsis

The Dragon in Winter brings New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry’s epic Kagen the Damned Trilogy to a wild conclusion!

War is coming! War is here! The Witch-king of Hakkia, aided by terrifying dark forces, sits uneasy on his stolen throne. His enemies, led by Kagen the Damned and the Bloody Bastards have found the secrets of ancient magic they hope will defeat him. Strange forces gather on both sides – vast armies of both the living and the dead, devious trickster spirits, strange gods, warrior ghosts, undying vampires, blood plagues that drive people to murderous rage, immortal faeries, and Earth’s last dragon.

Kagen knows that he faces the impossible task of toppling a usurper whose dark magic conquered an empire in a single night. But the Damned fear nothing and there are no limits to what Kagen will do to destroy the Witch-king. With his allies he will tear apart the veils that separate our world from the infinite realms of supernatural magic. The Witch-king will not go down with a fight, and he is willing to drown the western lands in innocent blood to retain his stolen crown. Even if he rules over an empire of dust and blood. His power is growing and soon he will be unstoppable.

But they are not the only forces at work in the world. Magic of all kinds is awakening and who can tell which side they will pick…or if they will pose a new and terrible threat to all! In the frozen North, the last dragon –tortured, captive, dying― cries out in despair. In the inky vastness of the outer dark that cry is heard! And something of incalculable power is coming in answer.

Genre: Fantasy

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