The Wild Between Us

The Wild Between Us
The Wild Between Us
The Wild Between Us

This title has a release date of November 7, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Amy Hagstrom

The Wild Between Us Release Date

The Wild Between Us releases November 7, 2023

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The Wild Between Us Release Date


November 7, 2023

The Wild Between Us Release Date

The Wild Between Us released on November 7, 2023.

The Wild Between Us Synopsis

The rescue of two missing boys in the Sierra Nevada mountains relies on unraveling the mysteries of the past in an addictive novel of heartrending suspense. After inheriting his uncle’s lodge, Silas Matheson hopes the grandeur of the California Sierra Nevada will be a fresh start for his two young sons, and a chance to finally face his demons. It was here, fifteen years ago, that Silas and his friends Jessica, Danny, and Meg ventured into the mountain wilderness and Jessica vanished without a trace. When his boys go missing in the same dark woods, the fear and guilt that Silas has been running from ever since come crashing back. Silas’s panicked call brings in the local search-and-rescue unit, and two familiar Danny and Meg. As the frantic search gets underway, the three friends are plunged into a painfully recurring nightmare, each of them thinking, This can’t be happening again. With a storm brewing and the boys’ fates threatened with every desperate hour, the secrets of the past begin to surface, and this time, for Silas, Danny, and Meg, there’s no escaping the truth.

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