We Are Worthy

We Are Worthy

This title has a release date of November 9, 2022. See below for more information.

Written by: Alisha Williams

Publisher: Kindle

We Are Worthy Release Date

We Are Worthy releases November 9, 2022

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We Are Worthy Release Date


November 9, 2022

We Are Worthy Release Date

We Are Worthy released on November 9, 2022.

We Are Worthy Synopsis

**Release date is sooner then listed ***

When an Omega turns 21, he or she is to attend Calling Wood University in search of their packs before their first heat.
Well, you see, I’m not like what society has labeled what Omegas should be. I don’t want to play homemaker and submit to a bunch of Alphas. So when I take Calling Wood by storm, I’m quick to show that the typical Alpha packs just won’t do.

I’m determined to find my scent match. And refuse to take a pack unless it’s who I’m meant to be with. Call me stubborn, but I know what I want.

After meeting almost every unclaimed pack in the school, I start to lose hope. That is, until I catch the scent of something that has me weak in the knees.

Tristan, Finn, Sawyer and Dominic are not like other Alphas. They’ve given up hope on finding their Omega, making school their whole lives. They don’t think they are good enough, worthy enough, to have their happily ever after.

But these sweet nerdy virgin boys aren’t going to know what hit them. I love a challenge and I’ve made it my mission to prove they are worthy. That we are worthy.

We Are Worthy is a non-shifter sweet Omegaverse standalone with lots of steamy moments. It will end on a HEA.

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