What Fire Brings

What Fire Brings
What Fire Brings
What Fire Brings

This title has a release date of June 11, 2024. See below for more information.


What Fire Brings Release Date

What Fire Brings releases June 11, 2024

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What Fire Brings Release Date


June 11, 2024

What Fire Brings Release Date

What Fire Brings is slated to release June 11, 2024.

What Fire Brings Synopsis

A writer’s search for her missing friend becomes a real-life thriller in a twisting novel of suspense by the New York Times bestselling author of These Toxic Things.

Bailey Meadows has just moved into the remote Topanga Canyon home of thriller author Jack Beckham. As his writer-in-residence, she’s supposed to help him once again reach the bestseller list. But she’s not there to write a thriller―she’s there to find Sam Morris, a community leader dedicated to finding missing people, who has disappeared in the canyon surrounding Beckham’s property.

The missing woman was last seen in the drought-stricken forest known for wildfires and mountain lions. Each new day, Bailey learns just how dangerous these canyons are―for the other women who have also gone missing here…and for her. Could these missing women be linked to strange events that occurred decades ago at the Beckham estate?

As fire season in the canyons approaches, Bailey must race to unravel the truth from fiction before she becomes the next woman lost in the forest.

Genre: Thriller

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