Clive Cussler Books In Order: The Ultimate Reading Guide

Wondering how to read Clive Cussler books in order? Our comprehensive guide will show you the best way to read the prolific author’s many titles in order.

Dubbed “The Grand Master of Adventure,” Clive Cussler was a popular American author of adventure and thriller novels, known for his fast-paced, action-packed stories and bold characters. Though he passed away in 2020, the Clive Cussler adventures continue to be written under his name thanks to the help of co-authors. But in what order do you read Clive Cussler books? What is the newest Clive Cussler book? In this article, we provide the order of Clive Cussler books and take a look at the author’s newest and upcoming books.

Here are all of Clive Cussler’s book series in order of publication, along with the books in each series:

Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt Books In Order Of Publication

Check out the list of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt books in order of publication:

The Mediterranean Caper (1973)

Iceberg (1975)

Raise the Titanic! (1976)

Vixen 03 (1978)

Night Probe! (1981)

Pacific Vortex! (1983) *

Deep Six (1984)

Cyclops (1986)

Treasure (1988) 

Dragon (1990)

Sahara (1992) 

Inca Gold (1994)

Shock Wave (1996)

Flood Tide (1997)

Atlantis Found (1999)

Valhalla Rising (2001)

Trojan Odyssey (2003)

Black Wind (2004) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Treasure of Khan (2006) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Arctic Drift (2008) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Crescent Dawn (2010) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Poseidon’s Arrow (2012) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Havana Storm (2014) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Odessa Sea (2016) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Celtic Empire (2019) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

The Devil’s Sea (2021) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

The Corsican Shadow (2023) (co-written with Dirk Cussler)

Note: First in chronological order is Pacific Vortex, followed by the rest of the books in publication order.

Clive Cussler NUMA Files Books In Order of Publication

Check out the list of Clive Cussler’s NUMA Files books in order of publication:

Serpent (1999) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Blue Gold (2000) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Fire Ice (2002) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

White Death (2003) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Lost City (2004) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Polar Shift (2005) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

The Navigator (2007) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Medusa (2009) (co-written with Paul Kemprecos)

Devil’s Gate (2011) (co-written with Graham Brown)

The Storm (2012) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Zero Hour (2013) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Ghost Ship (2014) (co-written with Graham Brown)

The Pharaoh’s Secret (2015) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Nighthawk (2017) (co-written with Graham Brown)

The Rising Sea (2018) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Sea of Greed (2018) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Journey of the Pharaohs (2020) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Fast Ice (2021) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Dark Vector (2022) (co-written with Graham Brown)

Clive Cussler The Oregon Files Books In Order Of Publication 

Check out the list of Clive Cussler’s Oregon Files books in order of publication:

Golden Buddha (2003) (co-written with Craig Dirgo)

Sacred Stone (2004) (co-written with Craig Dirgo)

Dark Watch (2005) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

Skeleton Coast (2006) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

Plague Ship (2008) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

Corsair (2009) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

The Silent Sea (2010) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

The Jungle (2011) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

Mirage (2013) (co-written with Jack Du Brul)

Piranha (2015) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

The Emperor’s Revenge (2016) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

Typhoon Fury (2017) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

Shadow Tyrants (2018) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

Final Option (2019) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

Marauder (2020) (co-written with Boyd Morrison)

Hellburner (2022) (co-written with Mike Maden)

Fire Strike (2023) (co-written with Mike Maden)

Clive Cussler Isaac Bell Books In Order Of Publication 

Check out the list of Clive Cussler’s Isaac Bell books in order of publication:

The Chase (2007)

The Wrecker (2009)

The Spy (2010)

The Race (2011)

The Thief (2012)

The Striker (2013)

The Bootlegger (2014)

The Assassin (2015)

The Gangster (2016)

The Cutthroat (2017)

The Titanic Secret (2019)

The Saboteurs (2021)

The Sea Wolves (2022)

Clive Cussler Isaac Bell Series In Chronological Order

Looking for the best reading order of Clive Cussler’s Isaac Bell books?:

The Striker (With: Justin Scott) (2013)

The Assassin (With: Justin Scott) (2015)

The Chase (2007)

The Gangster (With: Justin Scott) (2016)

The Wrecker (With: Justin Scott) (2009)

The Spy (With: Justin Scott) (2010)

The Race (With: Justin Scott) (2011)

The Thief (With: Justin Scott) (2012)

The Cutthroat (With: Justin Scott) (2017)

The Titanic Secret (With: Jack Du Brul) (2019)

The Bootlegger (With: Justin Scott) (2014)

The Saboteurs (With: Jack Du Brul) (2021)

The Sea Wolves (By:Jack Du Brul) (2022)

Clive Cussler Fargo Adventures Books In Order Of Publication 

Check out the list of Clive Cussler’s Fargo Adventures books in order of publication:

Spartan Gold (2009) (co-written with Grant Blackwood)

Lost Empire (2010) (co-written with Grant Blackwood)

The Kingdom (2011) (co-written with Grant Blackwood)

The Tombs (2012) (co-written with Thomas Perry)

The Mayan Secrets (2013) (co-written with Thomas Perry)

The Eye of Heaven (2014) (co-written with Russell Blake)

The Solomon Curse (2015) (co-written with Russell Blake)

Pirate (2016) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

The Romanov Ransom (2017) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

The Gray Ghost (2018) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

The Oracle (2019) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

Wrath of Poseidon (2020) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

The Serpent’s Eye (2022) (co-written with Robin Burcell)

Clive Cussler The Sea Hunters Books In Order Of Publication

Here’s the list of Clive Cussler’s The Sea Hunters books in order of publication:

The Sea Hunters (1994)

The Sea Hunters II (2002)

Clive Cussler Newest Book Releases

Looking for further ahead? Check out Clive Cussler’s upcoming book:

The Corsican Shadow – due for release in November 2023


Now that you’ve read our comprehensive list of Clive Cussler books in order, you’re ready to take a deep dive into his enduring world of action and thrilling adventure.

Do you have a favorite Clive Cussler book? Which Clive Cussler series do you rank most highly? Let us know in the comments below!

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