What Happens In Vegas

What Happens In Vegas
What Happens In Vegas
What Happens In Vegas

This title has a release date of December 4, 2023. See below for more information.

What Happens In Vegas Release Date

What Happens In Vegas releases December 4, 2023

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What Happens In Vegas Release Date


December 4, 2023

What Happens In Vegas Release Date

What Happens In Vegas released on December 4, 2023.

What Happens In Vegas Synopsis

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – until now.

Whether you’re a Vegas regular or have only heard the city’s tales through whispers, this book will surprise and astound you… It’s not just the five-star dining, or the casinos, or the clubs, or the crowds. It’s the electrifying chemistry of America’s most round-the-clock city.

Fuelled by original interviews and in-depth reporting, 24 Hours in Vegas explores the vice, crime and entertainment that made Sin City an American desert mecca. As the saying goes, once you get that desert sand in your shoes, it’s hard to kick it out.

It’s 24 Hours in Vegas, filled with never-before-told stories about the people who make the city tick, simmer – and even explode.



‘Patterson knows where our deepest fears are buried… there’s no stopping his imagination’ NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

‘A writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting’ GUARDIAN

‘The master storyteller of our times’ HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent – which is what Jim has, in spades’ LEE CHILD

Patterson boils a scene down to the single, telling detail, the element that defines a character or moves a plot along. It’s what fires off the movie projector in the reader’s mind’ MICHAEL CONNELLY

James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ IAN RANKIN

It’s no mystery why James Patterson is the world’s most popular thriller writer … Simply put: nobody does it better’ JEFFREY DEAVER

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