A Tale Of Two Princes

A Tale Of Two Princes
A Tale Of Two Princes
A Tale of Two Princes

This title has a release date of January 10, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Eric Geron

Publisher: Inkyard Press

A Tale of Two Princes Release Date

A Tale of Two Princes releases January 10, 2023

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A Tale of Two Princes Release Date


January 10, 2023

A Tale of Two Princes Release Date

A Tale of Two Princes released on January 10, 2023.

A Tale of Two Princes Synopsis

“The perfect dream-come-true-fairytale!”
—Jason June, 
New York Times bestselling author of Jay’s Gay Agenda and Out of the Blue

“Effortlessly charming, funny, swoon-worthy, and sincerely moving.”
—Julian Winters, award-winning author of Running With Lions

#1 New York Timesbestselling author Eric Geron delivers whirlwind wish-fulfillment in this story of a closeted crown prince and an out-and-proud cowboy who discover they were separated at birth.

Edward Dinnissen leads a charmed life. He’s the Crown Prince of Canada, gets the royal treatment at his exclusive private school, and resides in a ritzy mansion. He thrives off being the perfect prince as he prepares for the Investiture Ceremony on his eighteenth birthday, the final step in his role as heir—and Canada’s future king. But this closeted Crown Prince has just one tiny problem: he’s unsure how to tell his parents, his beloved country, and his adoring fans that he’s gay.

Billy Boone should be happy with the simple life. His family’s ranch is his favorite place in the world, he loves his small town, and his boyfriend is the cutest guy at Little Timber High. So why does it feel like something’s still missing? Maybe it has to do with the fact that this out-and-proud cowboy feels destined for something more . . .

When Edward and Billy meet by chance in New York City, they discover that they are long-lost twins, and their lives are forever changed. Together, will these twin princes—“twinces”—be able to take on high school, coming out, and coronations? Or will this royal reunion quickly become a royal train wreck?

“The enchanting cast of characters hooks you into a regal setting full of drama, romance, and intrigue, with relatable underlying journeys of self-love and struggle.” —Brian Zepka, author of The Temperature of Me and You 

Genre: LGBTQ+, Romance, YA

Eric Geron

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