A Whisper Of Curses

A Whisper of Curses
A Whisper of Curses
A Whisper Of Curses

This title has a release date of July 9, 2024. See below for more information.

Written by: J. Elle

A Whisper Of Curses Release Date

A Whisper Of Curses releases July 9, 2024

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A Whisper Of Curses Release Date


July 9, 2024

A Whisper Of Curses Release Date

A Whisper Of Curses is slated to release July 9, 2024.

A Whisper Of Curses Synopsis

New York Times bestselling author J. Elle continues her magical middle grade series with our favorite witches from Park Row Magick Academy!

While the new Magick Academy is under construction, an invitation to Enrichment Week arrives! Before the students leave Park Row, Kyana is grabbed by an Available and, even after she slips from the spirit’s grasp, can’t stop either laughing or crying. Ashley thinks whatever it is, Dr. Minzy, a famous teacher at the camp, will know what to do. But when the portal to the retreat suddenly collapses, trapping everyone, Ash realizes: Availables are involved. With Kyana acting weird and Russ live-casting everything to the Magick World, Ash must choose: say something to the directors (even though she isn’t sure she’s right) or mind her business and trust that Dr. Minzy will fix it?

In this adventurous sequel to A Taste of Magic, perfect for fans of The Marvellers, can Ashely, Kyana, and Russ figure out what the spirits are up to and save the day?

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