Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2)

Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2)
Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2)
Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2)

This title has a release date of September 12, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Stacey McEwan


Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) Release Date

Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) releases September 12, 2023

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Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) Release Date


September 12, 2023

Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) Release Date

Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) released on September 12, 2023.

Chasm (The Glacian Trilogy #2) Synopsis

Dawsyn’s fight to save the people of the Ledge is far from over in this thrilling and highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling, Ledge

Dawsyn’s miraculous escape from the Ledge was just the beginning. In the queens’ dungeon, Dawsyn awaits her execution while reliving the death of her lover, Ryon. There is no chance of mercy.

But hope finds her in the form of rescue by her village friends. Now on the run and struggling to tame her newly-gained and greatly unstable powers, Dawsyn’s journey continues. Facing betrayal anew, she must learn patience and trust as she builds strength on all fronts, while she and her comrades recover and ready themselves for what’s to come.

As they ascend the perilous mountain slopes to the Glacian kingdom once again in a desperate attempt to save those remaining on the Ledge, Dawsyn must battle wills as well as weapons, before discovering an entirely new evil awaiting her…

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