Christmas At The Lake

Christmas At The Lake
Christmas At The Lake
Christmas At The Lake

This title has a release date of September 26, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Anita Hughes

Christmas At The Lake Release Date

Christmas At The Lake releases September 26, 2023

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Christmas At The Lake Release Date


September 26, 2023

Christmas At The Lake Release Date

Christmas At The Lake released on September 26, 2023.

Christmas At The Lake Synopsis

Anita Hughes’s Christmas at the Lake is a heartwarming holiday romance set in a charming Christmas village on the shores Lake Tahoe.

On Christmas Eve, just hours before their wedding, Rebecca Huntley is left at the altar by Ben Cole, her college sweetheart and fellow co-founder of the hugely successful dating app, Dealbreakers. He’s fallen in love with the app’s head of legal, and they are going to leave for three weeks in St. Bart’s.

Rebecca is shocked but a small part of her isn’t surprised. Dealbreakers matches potential couples by the things they hated, instead of what they had in common. Lately, she and Ben seem to have less and less in common. He craves the trappings of success, while Rebecca enjoys simple things.

Rebecca decides to go on their honeymoon to the cozy Christmas Cove Inn in the charming small town of Christmas Cove on the shores of Lake Tahoe. There, Rebecca runs into an old college friend, Zach Mason, who had always had a crush on Rebecca. Through a misunderstanding, Zach believes Rebecca is married to Ben, and Rebecca believes Zach is in a relationship with a sophisticated older woman, when really, he is a waiter at the hotel.

As Christmas week unfolds, will the two learn the truth about each other and then be open for a second chance at love? Or will they begin the new year with broken hearts?

People are complicated. Everyone has positive attributes as well as faults – but none are dealbreakers when you’re really in love.

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