Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27)

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27)
Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27)
Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27)

This title has a release date of November 28, 2023. See below for more information.

Written by: Patricia Cornwell

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) Release Date

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) releases November 28, 2023

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Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) Release Date


November 28, 2023

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) Release Date

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) released on November 28, 2023.

Unnatural Death (Kay Scarpetta #27) Synopsis

In this thrilling installment of the #1 bestselling series, chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to solve a mystifying case involving larger-than-life footprints and the Bonnie & Clyde of cybercrime.

The morning after North Virginia’s deadliest Halloween on record, forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is pulled away from her caseload to investigate a chilling crime.

She arrives in the wilderness to find one body floating in the lake, and another twenty feet down an abandoned mineshaft—both mutilated almost beyond recognition. It can be no coincidence that the couple were killed on the verge of their arrest for cybercrimes.

After the most terrifying body retrievals of her career, Scarpetta must discover who would commit murders this savage, and why.

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